personal innovationWhen I started this post, I was not sure if the term “Personal Innovation” would exist or not. I quickly Googled it and I saw something around self-help and entrepreneurship. But I would like to touch this issue in a very particular way.

We have learned that Business Innovation should bring rupture, change to the traditional model and the ability to skip out of the comfort zone to taste the new or find “the blue ocean”. We need to re-think the principle and the means by which we have new and happier ends. We must create value!

Well, these concepts are being applied to companies but, what about people? And you, how do you innovate?

I’m not talking purely about doing things differently… that would be a common short cut. I’m talking about “your Principles and your Means”. If companies do their “mission, vision, values, strategy,” why not write ours? It is important to know who we are, what our values are, how we generate value for us, for who we care the most and for the society/environment.

What do you do to feel fully happy? Is it a sustainable happiness? What legacy do you want to leave for the world? From that perspective, it begins to make sense, to take some new actions with renewed purposes.

There are many topics we can discuss here about “personal innovation”, “self-realization”, “success”, “happiness”, “financial freedom” (Yes, it is possible and important), “productivity” (doing more with less time, and overrun time for the most important).

If you are interested in discussing the topic or read more around it leave your comment or just stay tunned!

Do you want to join us on this journey and cross the “personal innovation bridge”?

Personal Innovation Bridge

Post Author: Marco Banzato